Drilling Rig Skidding Systems

Rig Skidding Systems

Retrofit your land rig with a Skidding System to increase your drilling time. Call KAT Industries (405) 702-1387 or request a quote online for us to manufacture a rig skidding system that will enable you to spend less time on rig downs and rig moves. We are capable of manufacturing all types of land rig skidding systems including Walking Skid Systems, Jack & Claw Skid Systems, and Lift & Roll Skid Systems.

No matter what type of rig skidding system you elect to install on your rig, we offer complete project management for the manufacturing and installation of rig skidding systems including:

Rig Skidding Systems

Rig Skidding Features for Walking Systems

  • Can be retrofitted for any existing rig either directly to the substructure or through use of a pony sub
  • Ability to skid the rig in 8 directions
  • Walk the rig with full set back (No Rig Down)
  • Can be used to level the rig while drilling
  • Visit Veristic Technologies for more features of the Rig Walker. KAT Industries can build & install this rig skidding system to retrofit your rig.
  • KAT Industries has a fast turnaround & installation time.

Rig Skidding Features for Jack & Claw Systems

  • Tailored cross beams in skidding system to fit your well spacing needs
  • Customize height of the skidding rails to allow proper flow line drop
  • Dedicated hydraulic power unit or integration into your hydraulic system

Rig Skidding Features for Lift & Roll Systems

  • Fabricate jacking beam to fit your substructure
  • Size hydraulic jacks to lift your rig
  • Fabricate track and size Hilman Roller to your specifications
  • Integrate well cover skids to improve personnel safety and allow access within the substructure

Spend less time on rig downs and rig moves by calling KAT Industries (405) 702-1387 or request a quote online for a rig skidding system.

Rig Skidding System Support

Chickson Flow Lines Custom Built for your Rig Skidding Package

At KAT Industries we understand that when skidding a rig, saving time is the number one objective. In addition to manufacturing your rig skidding system package, KAT Industries can also fabricate your Chickson Flow Lines. Our Chickson Flow Lines are custom built in house and allow for the flow line to stay rigged up during the rig skid. We also custom build our own 10-inch Chickson Swivels.

Service Tray

No more rigging down your electrical lines during a rig skid. KAT Industries fabricates service trays to house electrical lines allowing you to skid rig without disconnecting power and control. KAT Industries has experience fabricating service trays using a variety of existing designs for several drilling contractors including Cactus Drilling and Nomac Drilling. We can also custom build a new service tray to fit your needs.

Well Cover Skids

  • Provide safe working area near well centers on multi-well pad
  • Assist setting up rig mats for skidding system or substructure
  • Designed for any well spacing
  • Allows for access around the well center

KAT Industries offers complete project management for both the manufacturing and installation of rig skidding systems. Call us for a quote (405) 702-1387 or request a quote online.

Clients Served

  • Cactus Drilling
  • Desoto Drilling
  • Helmrich & Payne International Drilling
  • Latshaw Drilling
  • Marathon Oil Co.
  • Nomac Drilling
  • Newfield Exploration
  • Patterson-UTI Drilling
  • M-I Swaco
  • O-Tex Pumping
  • Leam Drilling Systems
  • Baker Hughes